This book is about the art of getting through life with a smile on your face (you do remember how to smile, right?), and to be able to smile you have to learn how to ignore the things that will make you frown, make you sad, make you angry and make you want to murder someone…

Those negative aspects of life never seem to follow a neat and orderly path! Frustration does not present itself on schedule, pain does not follow a routine and adversity never has a predictable pattern...
So why should this book?

The world at times seems to be more loosely based on anarchy than order!
So screw a table of contents!

Ok, you’re right, some semblance of order for any book is needed. So, how about this? Let’s just do twenty one days? Three weeks to get you into a positive mindset. We can do it day by day together!

Every day we will awaken with the goal of not letting the bullshit stress us out! We will learn to take the bad with the good, we will smile in the face of adversity and especially in the face of those who are jealous (haters), we will together learn how to sidestep the stumbling blocks that life places in our paths, But most importantly we will in twenty one days learn to have a stellar life in a fucked up world!.