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The (R)evolution has always been about growth and creation. It has changed so much since the initial concept was discussed... However isn't that what life is all about? At it's core? Evolution?

We want to entertain the masses yet we want to give them something of value at the same time! Whether you are watching an hours worth of content on PhillyCam or Amazon Prime Or reading one of our e-Zines...

We want to give you something you can walk away from feeling awesome! Especially since time is the only thing you never get back!

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What's Next?

  • Kind of a silly question! We are always working on new projects! ¬†Whether it's our newest book, eZine or show we are always trying to push ourselves to bring what can only be called "Next Level" to our supporters!

  • Back on our Ghetto Survival Guide Grind!

    ''The 2019 Guide to Online Easy Money, Free Stuff and Giveaways' Coming Sooner than you think!

  • Consumer? Meet Local Business!

    Catching up where we left off with the Specialty Saving Book!

  • Real Talk 2.0!

    For some of you? This is the moment you feared. For many of you? The wait is over!

  • Church of Real Talk!

    The New Online Destination To Gather Positive Energy! Make sure you visit our website and YouTube Channel June 15th!